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Our Services

We take pride in our service and have a team of mechanics dedicated to getting your bike fixed quickly.

  • Bike Service
    • Many bikes start off needing the same basic things. The tires are low, the chain is a little rusty, the gears skip and the brakes take 2 blocks to bring you to a complete stop. From there what a bike may need varies greatly from one bike to the next. Rather than offer a “next level” or “pro tune” that will cover some things your bike needs

  • Tune Up 
    •    • Gear alignment front and rear
         • Brakes Brake adjustment front and rear
         • Headset tightening
         • Wheel truing (touch true)
         • Inflate tires to the proper pressure
         • Frame and wheel wipe down
         • Chain, pulley and pivot lubrication
         • Tightening of loose nuts and bolts
  • Bike Fitting
  • Bike Rental
  • New Bike Get ​Free Delivery Within Kuala Lumpur

Keep your bike inside; avoid storing it outside. Rain,

moisture and dirt cause your parts to wear quicker

and cost you more in repairs and service.