Basic Build Kit

Fork Seven 5E Carbon
Stem Seven Aluminum 3D forged superlight
Bar Seven Aluminum 3D forged superlight
Post Fizik Aluminum R3 - 27.2 mm / 380 mm
Wheel Set Mavic Aksium One
Tires Conti Grand Prix 4000 S
Headset Cane Creek 40
Saddle Fizik Antares R5 K:ium Grey/Black
Brakes Group Matching


622 SLX​ - Carbon with Titanium Lug

The 622 SLX is the culmination of more than two decades of bike building experience, a sculptural blend of titanium and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber makes it light and stiff. The titanium gives it a lively ride quality and a durability that belies its aesthetic appeal. The end product is race ready, but at home on any group or solo ride.

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What They’re Saying about the 622 SLX

Patrick Brady – Red Kite Prayer

“Even though the 622 slx appears to be an essentially carbon fiber bicycle, it’s very different from most other bikes on the market. The presence of the titanium lugs and chainstays means that a good deal of vibration that would ordinarily reach the rider doesn’t.”

“So let’s talk ride quality. I’ll be blunt–I haven’t ridden another bike that offered as vibration-free a ride while maintaining a lively, responsive nature. I’ve ridden bikes that were stiffer in overall torsion. I’ve ridden bikes that were stiffer at the bottom bracket, too. But of all the bikes I’ve ridden that were meant to put a pillow over the face of vibration, none did so as effectively as the 622 slx.”

Cyclist Magazine

“When the Seven 622SLX arrived in the office, a UK exclusive for Cyclist, we weren’t sure whether to ride it or frame it and hang it on the wall. It’s a thing of beauty. The titanium lugwork is a blend of functionality and art form, as if it has been draped around the carbon.”

“I’ll admit that I was surprised by what I found out on the road. I knew that the 622SLX would have come a long way since the notoriously ‘whippy’ frames of a similar construction that were produced in years gone by, but I still suspected that, by the current standards of carbon frames, the 622SLX would struggle to keep pace. Not the case. The platform offered by the 622SLX is reassuringly sturdy, standing firm under both seated and standing pedaling inputs.”

“There were moments on this Seven when I found myself pedaling hard but blissfully unaware of any specific points of contact with the bike. It’s impossible to say it without it sounding cheesy, but it was at times like the bike had disappeared beneath me. It’s not the only occasion I’ve felt this way, but it usually only happens on a bike that I’ve owned and spent months moulding to my own specific needs and dimensions. It’s rare to have one of those ‘moments’ on a test machine.”

Phil Cavell – Cyclefit UK

“The ride is flawless and so it should be. Taut, responsive, nuanced and brimming with undertones of distinction.”